• Our weekly lawn cutting service starts May 1st and ends November 15th. We will cut your grass 18 – 25 times depending on weather. The service includes trimming and clean up using leaf blowers.

We cut the grass at 2.5 to 3 inches, and never chop off more than one-third of the grass plant at a mowing. Cutting more than a third of the blade severely shocks the plant and harms its ability to support its own root growth. This is because the roots shut down their growth process while the leaves and shoots of grass are regrowing. We always leave the grass clippings on the lawn because they add nitrogen to your soil after they decompose. Although we leave the clippings, we never leave a mess; any clumps of clippings will be broken apart and dispersed around the lawn using leaf blowers.
We may cut the grass every two weeks during the months of July, August, October and November. July and August are too hot and dry for regular grass growth some years and October and November are sometimes too cold, it’s best to stay off the lawn if there is no need to cut it. We still show up every week to tidy things up with trimmers even if we don’t cut the grass. Pure Lawn Care has been cutting lawns in Ottawa since 2008.












Thatch is that brownish layer of organic debris (old stems) that sits between the soil and the grass leaves. Having some thatch on your lawn is good, too much is bad. A healthy lawn will have thatch, it helps hold in moisture and keeps the crown safe from excessive wear. However a layer of thatch that’s ½ inch or more high can actually keep moisture from reaching the roots. It prevents the water from penetrating deeply into the soil, and you end up with a shallow root system because the only water available is near the top of the soil. Shallow roots equal grass that is susceptible to disease and drought.


If your lawn is sparse and straggly but you don’t have a lot of weeds, you’ll want to consider overseeding to get a fuller lawn. If you want to avoid a sparse and straggly lawn in the first place you may want to consider overseeding. Over time grass slows its reproduction. Putting new seed into the lawn will increase reproduction and help create that thick lawn you’re looking for. We can overseed your lawn in either the fall or the spring or both times of the year. We use seed that is perfect for Ottawa grass growing conditions.


Aeration is the process of removing cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. This process decreases the amount of thatch on the surface of the lawn. Aerating will also treat a soil compaction problem. Soil compaction becomes an issue especially in traffic areas, where the constant pressure of foot traffic compresses the soil and makes it difficult for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate. When you notice water running off or puddling in certain areas where there was no problem before, you’re probably dealing with soil compaction. Aeration will solve that problem.





Some soil is either too sandy or has too much clay. Overly sandy soil doesn't retain water and nutrients well. Water and nutrients don’t flow well through soil that has too much clay. We use pelletized compost as topdressing, which helps the sandy soil retain water and nutrients and helps aerate and loosen soil that has too much clay. This organic matter also attracts good microorganisms and worms that will keep your lawn healthy and you happy.





Spring time general clean which includes the following dethaching, raking the yard and removal of yard waste.

Fall clean up, raking of leafs, removal from property by vacumun systems






Flower beds designed and built, planted, maintained on regular schedule or on call bases   



Hedge trimed and debris removed from property starting at 1.30 per running foot. This for up to 8 foot high hedge.


Small interlock and patio stones jobs. Both new and repair work

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