Great grass requires deep roots and healthy soil. Our lawn care programs are designed to improve your soil and promote deep dense root growth. This approach creates a lawn that is resistant to weeds, disease, foot traffic and drought. ​



• Our weekly lawn cutting service starts appoxiately May 1st and continues to as late as November 15th. We will cut your grass 18 – 25 times depending on weather. Near the end of the season we cut the grass short , let grass grow until going to seed, then we cut short again. Short grass over the winter provide two benefits. Less chance of mole damage and easier clean up in the spring. If we occur an drought during the summer. We use extra care. In extended drought it even mean not walking or cutting your grass doing so can cause more damage to your lawn. We will be visting your property once a week to determine what is best for your lawn that week The service includes trimming and clean up the driveways and walk ways by using leaf blowers.

Price $450.00 + HST.


Residential Commercial Industrial Properties Maintained


One Aeration

• One Overseeding

• Please book before May 15th

Price $125.00 + HST.


• One Dethatching (power rake)

• Spring Aeration

• Spring Overseeding

• Please book before May 15th

Price $200.00 + HST.


• One Dethatching (power rake)

• Spring and Fall Aeration

• Spring and Fall Overseeding

• Please book before May 15th. 2014

Price $300.00 + HST.

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